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Dapper Collection Commercial

Fashion is one of my favorite things to shoot! I really love how creative you get to be with each video. This past weekend I had the opportunity to work with a brand that makes custom-tailored suits. Dapper Luq Collection makes suits for both men and women.

In more detail, the women's suites are not men's suits tailored to fit a woman. They're one hundred percent custom. You can even put your logo on the inner liner.

Furthermore, this project was the start of their lookbook for a fashion show they will be having in south Africa.

How I ended up shooting this project is out of the norm for me. Typically I would do more planning to figure out the brand/companies vision and goals. I was trusted with the full creative freedom to present what I felt the brand was about.

This shoot was very quick, only lasting around 1-2 hours. For me, the time of day we were shooting would never be my first choice. Unfortunately, I had to work around the schedule of the photographer. I did have some tools to make the lighting work.

You can see how harsh the shadows are from the behind the scene photos.

While recording I used the H.265 codec for video acquisition, but I ended up transcoding my footage to ProRes anyway. I’ll be upgrading my file storage system soon. Thank you for reading my blog!

Here is an extra edit!

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