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H&M MAN Fashion Commercial

What were you doing when you realized what you're passionate about? Let me know below! ‎ ‎

My story began in high school when I started taking AP Art and somehow convinced my teacher to allow me to make videos instead of making regular art projects. I quit playing football and focused on getting better at making videos because one day I wanted to make big movies. ‎Yes, I am nowhere close to that point yet, but I am getting there. Just remember that we all start somewhere.

Follow me on Instagram to be part of that road to success.‎ ‎

(Spec Project) I would like to that all the people who helped on this project. ‎ ‎

Camera Assistant @me.ohfo

BTS Video @djayyrxch

Do you ever feel anxious? What makes you feel this way? ‎ ‎

Days, hours, even minutes before a shoot I feel different levels of anxiety due to the pressure I put on myself to make each video better and better. Years of going through that process have tough me that I can't only rely on myself to get a project off the ground. ‎

Overall, I had a blast creating this project and I can't wait to create more.

Cinematography Breakdown

Watch the cinematography breakdown of this video on Locksley's personal youtube channel.

If would like to work with us please check out our service page.

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