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Talking Head Announcements

Talking head announcements can be an excellent way to get your commercial or promo video noticed. There are many reasons why these types of videos work so well, but it all comes down to two things: they’re engaging and attention-grabbing.

Here at Locksley Production, we have commercial video production experts who can craft this type of video to your exact specifications. Whether you want a short 30-second promo or an in-depth three-minute feature, our team is here for whatever length of time is needed.


Our talented crew will work with you before the shoot to figure out what types of shots are required, and then utilize the best commercial video production equipment to capture them on film.

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Our professional videographers will accompany you during your shoot and work closely with you throughout so that we’re sure to get all of those shots! We understand how important it is for clients to have a full understanding of what they want, which is why our commercial videographer services are so detailed.

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If you’re interested in our commercial video production services for talking head announcements, reach out today!

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