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Z CAM E2 and Atomos Ninja V (ProRes Raw)

I did a little testing of #proresraw and the ninja v. I have much more to show. The results are awesome as always, but I am more impressed with how well ProRes runs while editing. The ability to work so fast while having the freedom to manipulate footage to get the look I want is amazing.

‎I can't wait for the rest of the parts to come in for my #sankor anamorphic lens build. This will allow me to get the contrasty look I would like for my upcoming films. #zcame2 #filmmaker

What is it like to edit this codec?

I've personally started using the ProRes codec a little over a year ago when I first got my z cam. Getting the Z CAM E2 was my first big step towards making high end productions. When I first got to editing I couldn't wrap my head around how I was about to achieve suck good quality yet, not struggle to edit. From past times I would always record in h.265 or codecs similar. I would have to use a proxy workflow to even have an okay editing experience and have my NLE (Non Linear Editor) of Adobe Premiere crash every time I try to make and edit.

Editing with ProRes Raw is like cutting buttle with a flaming hot knife. It's smooth and you don't have to use a proxy workflow. It's just crazy to me.

How much you can push the colors and Image detail.

The flexibility you have in post is industry stand stuff for Hollywood or anything you would expect from a high end production. Take a look at a few of these screenshots. (Keep in mind no denoising was used)

Test Footage

Watch the video on my thoughts about ProRes RAW Below!

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