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STRENGTH FOR ALL (Fitness Commercial) | DP Locksley Lennox (4K)

This project is finally done! I'm so happy with how easy my Z CAM E2 allows me to unlock a new level of creative freedom when in post-production. My favorite part of making this video was adding the icing on the cake with the narration from Eli Harris He added his own creative twist and I couldn't be happier with the results.

This project was actually very interesting. I had to go back and shoot it because I wasn't happy with the results from the first shoot. On the first shoot, I didn't have my normal camera setup. I was limited to using the Canon EOS RP at the time and boy that made things difficult.

After selling the Canon along with a few other pieces of gear I was not using on a regular basis. I got a z cam again and was able to put this project together the was truly envisioned it.

The first shoot I had help from a few local filmmakers in the Port St. Lucie area, but on the second shoot I was all alone. But I didn't have as many limitations. Here's the best I could do alone for behind the scene content.

Overall Iron Knight Gym was very happy with the video.

Narrated by: Eli Harris

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