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Live Streaming / Event Videos

Live streaming has become a powerful force in the creation of high-quality commercial video production. Whether your company is planning an event or trade show, or you are looking for a live streaming solution, you’re sure to stay ahead of your competition with the help of a commercial video production service.


Live streaming is an efficient and easy way to get information out into the open quickly, promoting engagement and interaction among viewers. It’s also great for search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines like Google take note when people engage with any type of content on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, so the more viewers that watch your live stream videos on these platforms, the better.

Combining our expertise with that of today’s best video streaming technology, we at Locksley Production are uniquely equipped to create top-notch live videos that engage audiences. We’ll capture your live event in high-quality professional HD video and stream it, live for the world to see. Our live event videographers will catch all of your important moments at your event: product demos, announcement videos, and any other events that you wish to broadcast on Facebook Live or YouTube for an even wider audience reach. Whether it’s a commercial, event video, or even promotional content, we have the best solution for your business.


Multi-Camera Live Productions (up to 14)

Whether it’s for an intimate gathering or a lively convention, we can use up to 14 cameras plus control room equipment and operators to provide you and your business with a polished, professional multi-camera live production.

Multi-camera live productions are a fantastic way to communicate with an audience. We believe that excellent commercial video production services are about more than just the product - it’s about giving you total control over your content. Your event is going to be exciting, full of energy, and full of people who want to see what you’ve got. That’s why we give you 14 different angles, to ensure your viewers don’t miss a single moment of the action!

We have years of experience working with various clients to create engaging multi-camera productions that bring an event to life. As well as using multi-camera live productions for events, we can also use it for:

  • Interviews and panel discussions

  • Tutorials and demonstrations

  • Training videos

  • Product launches

  • Conferences

  • Concerts and music festivals

  • Seminars or workshops

  • Webinars

  • Trade shows or exhibitions

We work with you to decide what the best approach is for your commercial video production, and then we will plan out a multi-camera live production that showcases everything about it. If you’re looking to communicate with an audience in a way that’s really going to engage them, then a multi-camera live production is the way to do it!

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